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Team Boston

Challenge 12 Having an Episode Team Hacker

My reviews for The Stork Job, The Order 23 Job, The Inside Job, The Morning After Job, The Cross My Heart Job and The Queen's Gambit Job.

The Stork Job Review


5 stars

Favourite quote:

Sophie: The thing is, y-you have to establish, you know, the main character's dramatic need...
Nathan: Right.
Sophie: Otherwise there's no emotional payoff in the resolution.
Nathan: Wait. This… this is a movie about NATO troops being attacked by werewolves. No, there is no emotional payoff!


The plot revolves around a couple that wanted a child but couldn’t have one so they decide to go to an orphanage in Serbia in hopes of finding the perfect child. They had been seeing a boy named Luca for a long time and paid the orphanage a lot of money so that they could take him home. However the orphanage didn’t bring the child to them on the day of collection.

I thought the plot was good as it worked well with the characters. Also it paved a way to show more of the characters lives by toying with there emotions. It built up more of a back-story to Parker as it told the audience more about being in the system.

I felt that the interactions between characters developed a lot more in this episode. My favourite scene that showed this was with Parker and Hardison after Parker first broke into the orphanage. I felt the scene was touching and worked well with the characters.

The ending, in my opinion, was very dramatic. There were some moments when you wondered what was going to happen, or are they going to die.

All in all I found the episode very entertaining and I would watch it again and again and again.







The Order 23 Job Review


5 stars

Favourite quote:

Parker: Is it just me or has Nate gotten a little sadistic since he quit drinking?

Sophie: Is it just me or does that make him even more attractive?


This expertly written episode is centred at a hospital after the initial courtroom scene. The mark, Eddie, is on trial due to running a hedge fund and biking his employees. When he is questioned he refuses to make a statement or apologize to his victims. However, the judge decides that he will serve only 18 months for his hideous crimes because of his cooperation and his help with the government. But a man who watched the case disagrees with the sentence given and ends up punching the mark in the face.

As the Mark waits in the corridor the team discuss a plan on how to get him to confess the whereabouts of his money. Nate is short on ideas until he notices the marks hand sanitizer. The he asks, what’s scarier then prison? To which the reply was death and then he asks, what’s scarier then that? I like how this exchange happened as Nate doesn’t say immediately his plan. Also the audience is left on a cliffhanger for a short while on what the team is going to do.

The scene then cuts to parker in an air vent watching over the mark. She spies the mark take a drink of orange juice but leaves the cap of it off. She immediately starts to make scurrying noises in the vents, which leaves the mark uncomfortable as the cops talk to him making him feel even more on edge. The thief then gets a piece of floss and a syringe. She lowers the floss into the unattended drink and squirts a drop of something onto it. It slowly makes its way down the floss before eventually landing in the marks drink. Eddie then takes a quick drink, which is enough to make him feel dizzy before his inevitable collapse. Parker is obviously happy with her efforts because she does a quick but silent cheer before making her way out of the vent.

Eddie is rushed to hospital after being checked out by Doctor Nate so that he could have an MRI scan. After some convincing the police allow the mark to go on a wheelchair pushed by Parker without his handcuffs on. Just before this though Parker sneakily sprayed something onto the armrests. When he is wheeled into the MRI room Nate looks at his wrists that have come up in a rash. Alarmed nurse Parker wheels him to the eighth floor while Hardison and Eliot distract the cops with donuts.

On this floor a lot of fun occurs, for the team anyway. In my opinion Gina Bellman’s acting as the ‘contagious diseased girl’ was stellar. But it was a joint effort of hers and Nate’s to make Eddie have the symptoms of the fake disease.

Using the power of suggestion they made the mark scratch, have a nose bleed and successfully freaks him out when Sophie dies and the Doctors and Nurse leave without saying a word to him.

Nate then comes in to explain what happened when he becomes woozy and finds a rash on his arm. Shortly after he collapses. Parker comes in and handcuffs him to a hospital bed while Eddie is screaming. When Nate awakens Parker is being convinced to let Eddie free so that he can take her to the money, Parker agrees while Nate screams no.

Parker leads the mark towards an exit but she stops because of a security camera. Eddie takes this opportunity to zap her with a taser and escapes. Making it look like their plan is ruined.

Meanwhile, Eliot and Hardison distract the cops outside of the MRI room until someone who needs a MRI comes; they go in to see what’s taking the other doctor so long and find Eddie missing. They decide he’s run away but is still in the hospital somewhere. So they split up Eliot goes with one of the marshals while the other checks out security footage. Hardison then finds a way to check out the marshal that’s with Eliot’s car. He finds duct tape and realizes the cop is an assassin but doesn’t warn Eliot soon enough. Luckily Eliot manages to knock him out and sticks him in with a dead body.

Hardison and Eliot give the real marshal there evidence and lead him to the assassin.

The state police find Eddie outside the courthouse but not before showing the team where he hid his money. When he’s caught the team are in the courthouse watching him and he shouts to them, ‘I’m going to jail for 18 months but all of you are going for 25 to life!’ The police think he’s gone crazy and tell him that he assaulted a nurse and a security guard making his sentence longer.

I enjoyed the pace of this episode and it always leaves you wanting to know more. The mark was interesting and the con was different. Overall it’s a brilliant episode.









The Inside Job Review


5 stars

Favourite quote:

Parker: What’s sexting?

Eliot: I’m not having this conversation with you Parker.


The beginning is as action packed as the rest opening in the Wakefield building with Parker running and alarms screaming. This leaves the audience wanting to know what’s happening. I thought that the opening was filled with suspense that kept building until you are dragged into Nate’s kitchen.

Nate receives an anonymous phone call explaining his location and Parker’s problem. After the initial irritation, of Parker taking an outside job, wears off the team rush to Parker’s house making a couple of wrong stops.

Inside the almost empty warehouse Parker calls home the team found some plans for the heist Parker had planned. The team then rush to think of a plan before the building caught Parker.

On top of a building opposite Parker’s cage s the anonymous man who is being watched by two thugs who soon get beaten up by Eliot quickly and easily while Nate discovers the mans identity. The man’s name is Archie and he was the man who asked for Parker’s help however he didn’t think she would go in alone. After some more time Nate finds out that Archie was Parker’s mentor when she was younger after she tried to steal his wallet in the street.

I thought it was good to introduce Archie as Parker’s father figure as she was growing up because it also gave more detail on Parker’s past.

In the end Parker manages steal her goal, a blight that was targeted by it’s creator so that she could release it and then save the country from it using her otherwise useless ‘super wheat’. She also escaped unscathed. I found this episode exciting and fun as well as being different because they weren’t originally trying to con their mark.







The Morning After Job Review


5 stars

Favourite quotes:

Parker: Maybe she’s his little imaginary Italian friend hmm, like Pinocchio.

Eliot: How old are you?

Parker: Remember that time I was the carrot and I stabbed somebody?

Nate: All right, so when his partying gets him into hot water who does he call?

Parker: Ghostbusters!

Eliot: Again?


Whilst tracking down Damian Monroe the team find a man who could help them find the last missing piece of the puzzle. Unfortunately he’s about to be put on trial.

Parker goes to meet him at the airport being the carrot again even though last time she stabbed a guy luckily this time she didn’t. The man she had to win over was an ice hockey player with a violent temper that enjoys to party. So when his police escort managed to get lost Parker whisked him away to the McRory’s bar.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, the police escort that got lost happened to be Agent McSweeten.

Once in Nate’s apartment, also known as Parker’s apartment for the night, Parker plays around with him punching him a little and then drugging him so that he fell asleep.

The next morning the mark woke up to a surprise, he found a dead Parker lying next to him. He quickly called his Lawyer to find that he couldn’t help but he referred the mark to Nate.

So Nate nearly had the plan finished, the mark had nearly given up everything the team needed and then a sniper began to attack them. I felt this was an interesting turn of events.

Eventually everything worked out okay. No one died, Parker managed to stall McSweeten and she also made the mark almost go insane when she arrived at his trial but that just helped the team win.

I thought this episode was amazing as it was a different way of getting information with a plot twist that was unexpected.







The Cross My Heart Job Review


4.5 stars http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/acquariusgb/17138544/16165/original.png

Favourite quote:

Sophie: Well that job was a complete disaster.

Hardison: A train wreck.

Eliot: No, it was a shipwreck and you know how I know that? Cuz I was in the wreck.

Hardison: Hey man, I don’t want to hear your complaining. At least you don’t have to fix the-the ear buds-

Eliot: Don’t talk to me about the ear buds; I just had to fight 3 ex-Brazilian combat fighters with spear guns under water! Can you believe this?

Sophie: Ow don’t touch me, I’m sun burnt everywhere. I hate being the French Heiress on the topless beach.

Parker: Well I don’t know why you’re complaining. I didn’t even get to see the emerald!

Hardison: Are you for real?

Sophie: Parker.

Eliot: For the last time, it’s not an Emerald. All right? It’s an island. It’s the Emerald of the Caribbean.


The cross my heart job starts off differently to all of the other episodes because it starts at the end of a con. Technically the cons finished but innocent victims are still being hurt. This time it’s a young boy needs a heart transplant however the person bringing the heart’s daughter had been kidnapped.

When she arrived at the airport she was forced to give the heart to some goons in order to get her daughter back. After seeing what happened, Nate spoke to her deciding on a way to get her daughter back and get the boy his heart before it’s to late.

They soon find the young girl and take care of the thug watching over her before working out how to stop the heart from leaving the airport.

Eventually the team manage to devise a plan that saves the boys life although ends the life of another.

I enjoyed this episode however at one point it says the donor has to be of a similar height and weight to the person that needs an organ but the person stealing the heart was a very different height and weight.

Overall I found this episode very entertaining and I liked the format of it.









The Queen's Gambit Job Review


5 stars

Favourite Quote:

Sophie: So the salt was Plan B?
Nate: No, no. That’s plan M.
Hardison: Don't I die in Plan M?
Nate: Yeah, usually, yeah.

Hardison: What do you mean, usually? How many plans do I die in?

Nate: C, F and M through to Q.


Sterling… asking for help? First of all I love how Sterling crept his way into season 4. But also I like how he didn’t say what he wanted until he had it he just used the team as a distraction.

One of my favourite scenes in this episode was the scene with Eliot and Sterling in the car. Eliot’s hatred for Sterling was obvious in the scene as he kept finding ways of proving him wrong such as when he said to him ‘unless you can read lips’ and then ‘unless you know Arabic.’ This was interesting also the way Eliot knew something was wrong was typical Eliot behaviour.

The chemistry between Parker and Hardison deepened in this episode while she is trying to get used to walking in boots that weigh 50lbs each. I thought it was cute how Hardison got Parker to try and work with the boots. Also the realization that Hardison will always have Parker’s back was amazingly brilliant.

I wonder whether Sterling’s daughter will be mentioned again in a later episode because it doesn’t make much sense to add her in other then if she’s going to be used again. However the episode was very good because of the moments between characters and the con was expertly executed, but my favourite scene is the very last one because of the humour in it and it was a nice way to end the episode.









Team Boston

November 2015

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